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What’s SWOT?

SWOT analysis

If you have been tasked with developing the promotional angle for the latest product release there are many factors to take into consideration long before you get creative. Hopefully, if you are in a switched on organisation, the marketing communications team will be involved from the earliest stages. At the very least, ensure your Product …

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Create a winning tagline – it’s easy – Just do it!

brainstorm your tagline

Yes, Nike made it look so easy with their ‘Just do it’ tagline. It still resonates today, yet believe it or not that tagline was launched on the world over 25 years ago. The tagline was a success because it was short, easy to remember. The meaning was simple and clearly understood. It was to …

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Social Media Marketing

So what is your opinion about social media marketing? Is your company committed to the cause, or skirting around furtively at the sidelines, not sure whether to jump in or run away? Having researched the benefits and pitfalls of social media as part of the marketing strategy, it is apparent that there is huge potential, …

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Driving Traffic – Essentials and Tactics

web traffic

As I have mentioned in previous posts, if your company does not have a website or any sniff  of an online presence, then for a large percentage of the population, your company and the great services or solutions it sells, simply does not exist. So let’s assume you have decided to develop that website. You …

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When to use ‘has’ and ‘have’

It’s amazing how words we use every day can trip us up so spectacularly. Take ‘has’ and ‘have’ for example. Both words can be used to show possession and they are important when it comes to perfect tense. ‘Had’ is the past tense of both ‘has’ and ‘have’ ‘To have’ is a verb and as …

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Perfecting the Press Release

Press Release

Let me start by asking you a question. Do you include press releases as part of your marketing mix? Hopefully, depending on the objectives of your organisation, the answer is an emphatic ‘yes’. If, however, you are one of those who shook their head vehemently, it may be worth re-assessing your rationale. Used effectively, the press …

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