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The benefits of hiring a copywriter for small business: Can you afford not to hire one?

If you’re a small business owner feeling stressed and stretched, juggling your time and energies just to keep up with day-to-day priorities, you may not have considered the benefits of hiring a copywriter. Perhaps, if you have fleetingly thought about hiring one, you’ve rejected the idea believing they are a luxury your business just can’t …

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All in a day’s work

All in a day's work

When I meet people for the first time, they always ask “what do you do for a living?” Many people who know me, personally and professionally, know that I am a “writer”. A few of my friends, family and colleagues may even go one step further and acknowledge in hushed tones that I have “something …

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I have to admit it! I am a huge fan of the ellipsis (or ellipses if we are using the plural). I don’t use it too often in professional writing, but I notice I am prone to using it in more casual and personal communications such as Facebook or in an email. It’s a habit …

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