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McRae Communication Consultancy (McCC) – Copywriting and Marketing Communications Expert.  We create clear, effective copy. Our communication campaigns meld creative concepts with considered, succinct market objectives. When you need to choose your words carefully – choose McCC.

evie mcraeHi, I’m Evie McRae, Principal and Chief Writer at McCC.

I have more than 20 years’ experience providing targeted and effective copywriting and marketing communications to a diverse client base across Europe, UK, USA and Australia.

That’s a lot of writing and a lot of deadlines.

My business is built for, and around, my clients. Many are short on time and just need an extra pair of hands to push their communication projects over the line, others would like a full-time copywriter but can’t justify the financial implications of employing one full-time. Whatever my clients need, I do my utmost to make sure my time is spent helping them – and that means being kind to their budget too.

My core area of expertise is copywriting and editorial, but McCC offers so much more. For those clients requiring an end-to-end solution, I work with an amazing bunch of specialists who deliver reliable, cost-effective design, photography and WordPress/website set-up. Whether you want a few words for a radio script, or you need an end-to-end marketing communications solution across all your business touchpoints, I make it my business to meet your needs.

Want to know more? Check out McCC’s service offering here – MENU

McCC is built on solid creative and strategic expertise across multi-faceted industries including publishing, design agency, marketing agency, retail, FMCG, health & beauty, R&D, corporate, software, manufacturing, engineering, IT/Software, medical, healthcare and R&D environments.

My mission is to ensure your brand’s written content has what it takes to accelerate growth, lead the market, and differentiate you from the competition.

Want to talk? Call me on +61 (0) 466718244 or if you prefer email: Let’s get this project started!

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