Cookies …mmm


So what ‘cookies’ are we serving here? Sadly, I’m not talking the chocolate chip variety  – that was just a ruse to get you in. If you have ever used a website (yeah exactly), or have your own website, and you regularly visit overseas websites, then it’s highly likely you will have bumped into this …

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Writing for the web

I’d say it was about 10 years ago when I noticed a change in writing roles and position descriptors. Writers and communication specialists were no longer just expected to provide content for marketing communication campaigns or editorial for magazines. Strategy and deliverables didn’t stop with printed brochures on good paper and quality giveaways. It had …

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Social Media Marketing

So what is your opinion about social media marketing? Is your company committed to the cause, or skirting around furtively at the sidelines, not sure whether to jump in or run away? Having researched the benefits and pitfalls of social media as part of the marketing strategy, it is apparent that there is huge potential, …

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Driving Traffic – Essentials and Tactics

web traffic

As I have mentioned in previous posts, if your company does not have a website or any sniff  of an online presence, then for a large percentage of the population, your company and the great services or solutions it sells, simply does not exist. So let’s assume you have decided to develop that website. You …

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Is your Intranet helping or hindering your company?


One of my clients has been battling with a real hot potato of an issue. The company’s Intranet is dying under the strain of old technology and the burden of increasingly weighty files that it was never designed to cope with. Added to this, there is no ownership so files that have been obsolete for …

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