Is your Intranet helping or hindering your company?


One of my clients has been battling with a real hot potato of an issue. The company’s Intranet is dying under the strain of old technology and the burden of increasingly weighty files that it was never designed to cope with. Added to this, there is no ownership so files that have been obsolete for …

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Quick Tip: What are keywords and why do I need them?

keywords unlock the success of your website

Search engines use keywords when they include your website in their search results. Keywords can make or break your search engine ranking. Adding keywords to the content of your website can improve its ranking, but overusing them can cause your site to be banned for spamming. When identifying keywords, select words and phrases in the …

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Ten tips for running a successful webinar

successful webinar

One of the most useful tools in sales is the humble webinar. I have lost count how many times sales teams got excited about running one, and then looked around the room looking for someone who (a) knows how to run one and (b) someone who can do it asap (i.e. yesterday would be really great, …

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Does Pinterest interest your business?

Pinterest, Writer's Blog

A few years ago I remember being asked to do some research into the pros and cons of using Facebook within our organisation and write a report based on my findings. My marcomms team desperately wanted me to find in favour of Facebook, keen to bring our communications into the 21st Century. At the time …

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The fundamentals of a winning website strategy

web strategy

We now live and do business in a digital age. Quite simply, if you do not have a website – you do not exist.   A whole world will be unaware of your existence – both online and offline. You will not have the same opportunities to ‘speak’ to your audience You will not have …

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Cookies …mmm


So what ‘cookies’ are we serving here? Sadly, I’m not talking the chocolate chip variety  – that was just a ruse to get you in. If you have ever used a website (yeah exactly), or have your own website, and you regularly visit overseas websites, then it’s highly likely you will have bumped into this …

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