The Butterfly Bureau is a specialist division of  McRae Communications Consultancy (McCC), focusing exclusively on writing services and marketing support for authors and aspiring writers. 

Whether you are an author creating a brand presence on your author platform, or you’re a novice writer hoping to break into magazine publishing or Blog writing, The Butterfly Bureau has services just for you.

Many of my clients want to write their own book but they don’t have the time or they quickly realise ‘it’s a bigger job than they anticipated’. For those clients, The Butterfly Bureau provides mentoring programs to meet them where they’re at.  This is for writers who are keen to learn the process and technicalities of writing, so if you would like education in writing, publishing, marketing or design, then mentoring could be for you.

For those who have a story they just need to share with the world but can’t commit to getting it down on paper, The Butterfly Bureau provides Ghostwriting services.  Such projects can be labour intensive and time-consuming requiring a commitment on both sides to keep the project moving.  I like to have a chat with my clients before entering into a formal agreement just to manage expectations.  Realistically it may take 12 months to write the first draft of a 50,000 words Memoir.  For some, this seems an incredible commitment to make – others can’t wait to get started which is why I like to have a chat first.

In addition to writing services and ghostwriting, The Butterfly Bureaus offers a complete end-to-end service including putting you in touch with our design and photography team or we can work with you in the area you need the most help.

As a writer, editor and published author myself, I understand the challenges at every stage of the process – regardless of whether you are a novice writer clutching that very first exciting idea, or you’re a seasoned cynic just trying to get a job done.

Transformation is at the heart of The Butterfly Bureau’s brand. If you are someone who wishes to publish a story of transformation, or you are a professional writer who wishes to transform their career and take their writing to the next level then I am here to work with you, to help you facilitate that change.

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