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The benefits of hiring a copywriter for small business: Can you afford not to hire one?

If you’re a small business owner feeling stressed and stretched, juggling your time and energies just to keep up with day-to-day priorities, you may not have considered the benefits of hiring a copywriter. Perhaps, if you have fleetingly thought about hiring one, you’ve rejected the idea believing they are a luxury your business just can’t …

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ebooks: Could it be time to add another string to your bow?

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With one week to spare before the end of January, I am delighted to say I’ve been able to tick one item off, my substantial ‘To Do’ list for 2017. I’m feeling pretty pleased about this particular ‘tick’ because rewind 6 months and I wouldn’t have had the vaguest clue about how to attempt such …

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Quick guide to writing a winning résumé for the tender process

My last post “Does your résumé stand out from the crowd?” looked at the differences between a CV and a résumé, outlined the information required for the different types and provided tips on showcasing your skills. If you followed the advice you should now be in possession of a stand-out résumé. However, if you are …

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Does your résumé stand out from the crowd?

What do you think of your résumé? Do you give it the care and attention it needs? After all, you’re relying on this document to get you that job you want. It’s only right you should spend a little time on it. It might help to think of your résumé as a marketing document. It’s …

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Branding: Where has it been and where is it heading?

Over the next few weeks I am going to be writing a lot about branding in my blog posts. It’s one of my passions and an area where I believe everyone in the organisation can ‘do their bit’ and add real value. First of all, just for fun, let’s talk about the humble origins of …

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Create a winning tagline – it’s easy – Just do it!

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Yes, Nike made it look so easy with their ‘Just do it’ tagline. It still resonates today, yet believe it or not that tagline was launched on the world over 25 years ago. The tagline was a success because it was short, easy to remember. The meaning was simple and clearly understood. It was to …

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